Angel Flight Alberta


As a non-profit organization, it’s tough to find volunteers to help out. Angel Flight was averaging 4-5 flights per year, wanted to get closer to 50-100 annual flights. Needed to raise awareness in outlying communities on two fronts

  1. Let people in the communities know the service is available if they are in need
  2. Build that name recognition for Angel Flight among pilots, local businesses who may sponsor flights, general donations, volunteers, local charities etc.


Record PSA’s and distribute them to Alberta radio stations. Organize a fundraiser gala. Create and manage a Facebook page. Target ads to specific areas to educate them of services. Speak at local events (Rotary), coordinate bbq fundraisers, design brochures to be distributed through different support channels. Recruit more volunteers and pilots through word of mouth in the airline industry. Reach out to patients for testimonials and post them on the website. Re-design the website to be more functional and welcoming. Fundraise for AFA through cross promotional efforts (Centre West Charity Carwash)


Flight volume has increased. (28 flights completed in 2017). Flight requests have increased. Donations have increased. Lots of “I didn’t even know this service existed”. New additions to the board of directors. Many positive testimonials from patients after flying with AFA. Angel Flight isn’t a household name yet, but more people know about them. We’ve received donation cheques from different organizations. Local successful businessman Peter Teichroeb agreed to donate the use of his airplane hangar for a fundraiser once we put the pieces together.