Centre West Envirowash and Lube


Centre West is our longest standing client. Brandon worked with during his time at Vista Radio, and played a key part in the branding behind their radio ads with the character voices that they still use today. The automotive industry is a slow converting industry.

Typically once people have found a trustworthy/convenient shop for their services, it’s going to take a lot to displace that loyalty. Fear of the unknown plays a big part. When we began working with Centre West as Ignite, Jon the managing partner was wearing every hat in the place, and he was happy to review our proposal of what we intended to accomplish for him, easing his burden. The website wasn’t ranking well. Wanted a video for the website, showcasing the various services offered. People were breaking into Centre West, smashing windows, trying to break into the safe. The 10 bay wand wash has been busy since open. The Mobil 1 Lube Express has been slowly gaining but not as fast as the owners would like.


Branded marketing materials for retail in Costco. Handled the design, negotiation and upkeep of billboards. Implemented some SEO practices to improve organic rank. Met with Mike Reeve of Velocity Video, assisted with shooting of promo video, negotiated trade agreement/cash exchange. The end result is a great video. Posted the security camera break-in footage online, with a well crafted message, mobilizing and empowering the community. We also implemented an annual fundraiser for the Youth Intervention Program (part of Crime Prevention) that has raised over $7500 to date. Since we’ve begun our annual campaign, we’re happy to report there have been no more break-ins. We implemented surveys (after teaming with Redwood Inn for prizing) and drafted some carefully worded surveys to extrapolate information. It turned out, nearly two thirds of wash customers didn’t know you could get your oil changed too. So we had signs designed in the entrance and exit doors of the carwash. Rolled out some new incentives (keep your wash receipt and get your oil changed same day for a discount). We save Jon a lot of time and headache, he trusts us to always act in the best interest of the company, and we report back to him monthly. Wanted to put on a customer appreciation event that is different from most others. We used our network to recruit some of the Shark Club ladies, members of the GP Firefighters, a few other local connections for food, burgers, bouncy castles, and organized a bikini carwash fundraiser. To date we’ve raised over $10,000 that has been split between the GPFFCF and Angel Flight Alberta. Look for this year’s carwash coming up likely in July.


Great partnership with Costco, great deal for consumers to save money. Billboards have been effective. We actually locked down the 116th Street location billboard a year before it was available. The promo video has been a great 60 second education for anybody wanting to see what Centre West is all about. Successful bikini carwash, happy customers, learned a lot about buyer behaviour, raised lots of money to donate. Learned that the most common factors into where people get their oil changed are: location, habit/history, followed by price. At the end of the day, we’re very proud of the radio campaign we’ve come up with, the work we’ve done for Centre West and look forward to continuing to work alongside their ownership and management teams in the future.

Our experience with Ignite Marketing has been great. Coree-Ann and Brandon have both been extremely knowledgeable, professional and have been an integral part of taking our business to the next level.

Jon Foster

Managing Partner, Centre West Envirowash and Lube