Redwood Inn & Suites


Redwood Inn & Suites


Wanted to build a following on social media. Management didn’t have the time or expertise to handle it in house. Wanted to track marketing efforts to analyze ROI. Wanted to promote other aspects of the hotel (pool parties to local families, conference rooms).


We began managing his Facebook account. Did research into local events, coordinated different promotions to coincide with local events. Seasonally targeted known communities that travel to GP for Xmas shopping in November, December. Joined forces with other local marketers (Prairie Mall) to put together some shop and stay gift packages for some great exposure. Coordinated a cross promotion to trade Jacuzzi Suites with other clients in exchange for car washes (necessary to have a clean airport Shuttle) Highlight the features that set Redwood apart from the rest of the crowd. Keep a close watch on Insights/Analytics.


A sizeable following on Social Media. New business relationships with local vendors. An affiliate program set up with local restaurants for discounts as long as reservations are made from the front desk. (first with the Keg, now Maddhatters). Pool party bookings increased exponentially. Vacancy is down.


We have been working with Ignite Marketing & Production Ltd. for the past two years and are pleased with the experience that they bring to our team. Coree-Ann and Brandon have always given their full efforts to enhance our brand. Their team has brought life to our social media and they have aligned us with great partners. We look forward to a long future working with the team from Ignite Marketing and Production Ltd. -Terry Ferster, Managing Partner – Redwood Inn and Suites