Rentco Equipment


Rentco was looking to reach audiences in new ways. Social media presence was lacking. Traditional marketing wasn’t bringing much of a measurable result. There were new services offered in different areas of the business ‘Christmas Light Installs’, rentals, Rentco Toolshed. Were seeking cost effective channels to educate the public about how great of an employer Rentco is and how strong staff rentention is (decades). 


Manage their social media, come up with themed content, different promotions to highlight various products/services. Target ads to specific groups of people. Measure and report efforts using insights and analytics.


Building a following on Social media. Customers coming into the store referencing different ads that rolled out. Messages like “spot the dot” a Hilti ad we did showcasing their laser measuring tape. Fielding questions from customers on Facebook. Engaging with many different people on promos “Tool Of The Week” feature had good legs.