Splatter Paintball


Danny, the owner was one of my favorite clients while working at the radio station. Cool ownership, cool store, basically selling fun and great memories to his customers. The challenge with paintball is, that initial reaction that flashes through everybody’s mind when somebody suggests it… “I don’t want people shooting at me!” That is a big psychological hurdle to get past. For Danny, we created an annual event every Father’s Day: the Battle Royale for Big Brothers Big Sisters.


The idea, get a bunch of local businesses together to provide prizes and sponsor an event, giving them an opportunity to put an offer in the hands of around 120 guests. Give the Little Bros and Sisters an activity they can be part of. Raise money for a great cause (Big Brothers Big Sisters GP), and hopefully provide enough incentive for people to overcome that fear and come paintballing with us. Oh and it’s on Father’s Day every year, so also a way to create some great memories with (or shooting at) dad. Also we give sponsors tickets every year. BBBS volunteers operate the bbq lunch each year, in exchange for the proceeds from the charity bbq as well Splatter Paintball donates $10 from every ticket sold to BBBS.


Great involvement and support from local businesses. Many first timers have been joining us for this event! Hopefully next year we exceed $2000 in funds raised for Big Brothers Big Sisters. Each year our number of contestants has grown. Splatter Paintball is receiving follow up bookings for birthday parties and corporate teambuilding events from seasoned and first time players at the event. The great feedback from players who enjoy the day with us fills up my bucket for months afterwards.