Who We Are


Brandon Kerschbaumer is co-founder and chief executive officer of Ignite Marketing and Productions. As a farm kid born and raised on a farm 10 miles southeast of Fairview, Brandon learned about hard work early.

“Summer holidays weren’t typically a holiday at all for us,” he laughs. “Town kids would be talking about bike riding and swimming, meanwhile we’d be blending brome grass, sweeping bins out and running the seed cleaning plants, though we always got paid for our efforts so that was a nice touch”

Brandon’s parents both operated businesses, “so often dinner talk was about the next customer or project shortly after “how was school today?” he says. It was a busy childhood, one that set him up well to be an entrepreneur. “I can still hear my dad saying, ‘there’s always something to do!’” he says.

Coree-Ann McGonigle is co-founder and chief operating officer of Ignite Marketing and Productions. Her upbringing was filled with change, having lived in Cochrane, Saskatoon, Kelowna, Arkansas, Black Diamond, Calgary, High River and Red Deer but now calls Grande Prairie home.

“I’m grateful for having been shuffled around so much because of my dad’s job,” she says. “I’ve had so many experiences that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.”  As the somewhat perpetual new kid in school, Coree-Ann learned to be extroverted and pick up on social cues quickly.

Living in so many wildly different locations, she learned to make friends with almost anyone. “Moving around really taught me that it doesn’t matter what you look like or what your background is,” she says. “Everyone has something to offer the world and we are all human on the inside.”

Nichole Henke is Social Media Coordinator of Ignite Marketing & Productions. Born and raised in Leduc, AB, Nik learned the value of family run business and dedication to work, as her parents owned Henke’s Toy, Hobby & Pet Store for most of her life. “I was 10 years old and I wanted to help so my dad gave me a cloth and said, “You can dust what you can reach.  I wasn’t overly impressed that I didn’t get to work the till,” she laughs.

From there Nik went into banquet serving and waitressing in a large hotel learning team work in a whole new setting. Then moving back into retail she worked in a postal outlet / convenience store while her kids were little. “I learned the value of customer service before I was able to see over the counter at my dad’s store and that helped me to bring those virtues forward to the various jobs I experienced later in my life.”


Ignite Marketing and Productions came to be in February 2016.
Its inception arose for one simple reason: to provide creative, effective, memorable and measurable marketing solutions and strategies, to connect and educate customers with our clients.  Our business is building your business.

Having worked years in radio advertising for large organizations, Brandon Kerschbaumer and Coree-Ann McGonigle were ready to do things differently.  It was time to launch a marketing company that would be:  fast-moving, fun-focused, creative, innovative and data-centric, but most importantly, client focused.

”I think we’re both very fortunate to have been introduced to
Dennis Chopko of Killing Herb Inc, as his creed is a cornerstone
of our business.

“If we focus on the success of others, our success will naturally follow” Brandon laughs. “Dennis knows his shit”