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Ignite Marketing and Productions came to be in February 2016. Its inception arose for one simple reason: to provide creative, effective, memorable and measurable marketing solutions and strategies, to connect and educate customers with our clients.  Our business is building your business.

Having worked years in radio advertising for large organizations, Brandon Kerschbaumer and Coree-Ann McGonigle were ready to do things differently.  It was time to launch a marketing company that would be:  fast-moving, fun-focused, creative, innovative and data-centric, but most importantly, client focused.

”I think we’re both very fortunate to have been introduced to Dennis Chopko of Killing Herb Inc, as his creed is a cornerstone of our business.

“If we focus on the success of others, our success will naturally follow”, Brandon laughs, “Dennis knows his shit”.

It’s been just that since Day One and the founders wouldn’t have it any other way. “I love that we have no limitations,” says Brandon. “”My dad always said there’s nothing like working for yourself.  Until Feb of 2016, I’d never known that feeling.  The pride I feel in our company, what we’ve accomplished so far, and the team we have, I think we are on our way to helping a lot of businesses become leaders in their markets.”

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This brainchild, worked out over months of planning meetings, is proving its mettle. Ignite moved into new offices in June 2016 and then a new, larger office suite in March 2017 which includes its own recording studio for radio ads and jingles.

“It’s been an amazing experience so far,” says Coree-Ann. “I love the ‘a-ha moments’ when we’re in a client meeting and they’ve been through the marketing conversation 15 times already with other people and we’re the ones to unlock the solution for them.”

Brandon agrees. “Those meetings are truly the best. A wise man once said not so long ago, it’s not about problem solving it’s about problem finding.  Too often we are trying to find answers when we should be searching for the right questions.”

There’s no doubt it works for their clients.

“If you’re looking for an innovative and imaginative marketing company I highly recommend Ignite,” says Brenda Montgomery, owner of Kakwa Stone and Landscaping Products. “It is refreshing to work with a company that actually listens to your needs and goes above and beyond to deliver quality work. For the very first time we are seeing results.”

Customer feedback is key to Ignite’s work. “We’re literally here to serve,” says Brandon. “We want our clients to know that we’ll work hard, and at the end of the day, we just want to see measurable gains for the client that outweigh the cost of our time.”

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They strive to make the process as painless as possible, too. “I think some clients like working with us because we have exciting and energetic meetings… but at the end of the day, we hold them accountable to the plan at hand’ laughs Coree-Ann.

Fun is important at Ignite, which is crucial in the demanding, high-speed world of marketing.

“This is a constantly changing landscape — we move and learn constantly, trying to keep ahead of the curve,” says Brandon. “Winning can be a real adrenaline rush and we love seeing our clients making progress and gains.”

For the Ignite team, there are no boundaries or barriers when it comes to what they can do. And that is exactly how they like it.