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Ron was referred to us from a mutual insurance provider. He’s a straight shooting ex safety supervisor who now runs a successful Safety Training Business. It’s a competitive field, considering the amount of activity in the oilfield regionally, and the dedication to safety training is of vital importance. Ron’s challenge was simple, no website, so no digital identity, and thus, limited credibility. He earns repeat customers after they’ve taken any of his courses based on his delivery and thoroughness, however Ron needed a website for his business.


Design a website. Re-design some of his marketing materials to be consistent with the brand. Wrote the content and oversaw the design. We now host his website, handle updates, content changes, and are working with Ron to update his voicemail (inside joke) along with implementing a course calendar for an improved user experience.


The website is complete. We’re currently working on improving his organic rank. Evaluated his client acquisition process and are working to streamline it. Few inbound phone calls from the website thus far, and we will continue to make improvements and perform SEO in the future at Ron’s request.


4 sight safety