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Derrick started his own business in Feb 2016, weeks after we incorporated ours. He wanted to spend his time fixing vehicles, not on social media or marketing. The automotive industry has been corrupted by few, leaving a bad name for many. How would we present DMS in a positive way that makes people consider him as an option the next time they need an auto repair?


Created a new logo and slogan. Began managing social media, running targeted ads and keeping the page active with relevant content. One of Derrick’s core values is being a resource for people. Some shops seem to operate under a veil of secrecy, not DMS, so often his content and messages are themed around ways to help the average auto owner with saving money and maintenance tips. Aligned Derrick with other clients of Ignite, it’s win-win when somebody you know needs a reliable mechanic, and you just so happen to know a really good one.


Derrick moved from dedicating bays in his garage in Westlake to a brick and mortar location on the north end with 120 foot bays to accommodate semi trucks as well as standard cars and trucks. Facebook has been an excellent platform for people to reach out to DMS and ask some basic diagnostic questions. As a start-up it’s been important to make the best use of budgets, social has been working great, designing a website may be in the near future.


DMS Auto


I would like to write a little about the appreciation that I have for the group at Ignite Marketing and Productions LTD.

Our two business are about the same age and it has been nice to grow my business with people who are just as passionate about my success as they are with theirs. We have been able to bounce ideas off each other, catch a lot of different angle on things.

They have given me quite the education as far how advertising is done. I can tell you that they didn’t just wake up one day and think “Let’s start an advertising business”. These two have a lot of experience.

Ignite has really helped my business by looking after my social media and advertising. There is no limit to what this group can do! They seem to have good relations with a lot of businesses, they are well diversified with what they can offer and they welcome any challenge.

Recently they have really been helping me to pick a logo for my business so that we can finally get a sign hanging from our building. There were times that I just wanted to pick one and get it done but they wouldn’t let me settle. There were lots of good options but never THE ONE. Obviously a sign is a very important representation of your business and should be taken seriously. They made sure I didn’t settle.

They kept digging and throwing ideas at me and we finally selected one that I am proud to display.