Examples of Short-term and Long-term Digital Marketing Goals

Dec 5, 2022 | Uncategorized

When Is a Short-Term Marketing Strategy Appropriate?

  • PPC/AdWords– Effective PPC campaigns will drive targeted traffic to your website’s landing pages. These are usually highly qualified leads, they might not be ready to buy today, but they are close.
  • Events– Trade shows, customer appreciation, and other types of events usually need a short-term strategy.
  • Social Media– Some say social media in marketing needs both a long-term and short-term strategy.  Social media promotions and giveaways are part of short-term strategies.

Here are some short-term digital marketing strategies:

When Is a Long-Term Marketing Strategy Appropriate?

  • Branding– Digitally establishing your brand, is a long-term task and includes brand recognition, awareness, and reputation.
  • Social Media -This refers to the big picture you’re trying to paint with your social media presence.
  • SEO– This is a long term process, so a long-term strategy will be needed for increased search rankings or local SEO
  • Content Marketing– Blogging and email marketing are aspects of content marketing that need to have a long-term strategy to truly see ROI.

Here are some long-term digital marketing strategies: