Tips on How to Gather Customer Testimonials and Why Are They Important?

Feb 27, 2023 | Uncategorized

For any company, a testimonial is like looking into a mirror. By putting high quality and detailed reviews on your website and social media platforms you are one step closer to attracting potential customers. Testimonials help build trust and credibility, they help convert website and social media visitors to customers and they make your company seem personable.

So how does one get high-quality testimonials? Here are a few suggestions that are worth trying:

  • Send an email (with links) to clients and ask them for a review
  • Train your employees to ask for a review after every transaction
  • When asking for a review from a happy customer, make sure to say “…a great review would really help our business grow”
  • Include a message on your receipt slips
  • Create a post on social media asking your audience to write a review
  • Create “leave us a review” cards and hand them out to your customers
  • Ask for a Google review from customers and vendors