The History of Marketing: Past, Present and Future

Apr 10, 2023 | Uncategorized

Marketing strategies have dated back to as early as the mid 1400’s. How you ask? Well they printed advertising using moveable type. Strategic marketing practices have evolved a lot since then, but there are some relevant trends still that are part of the Pre-Digital Age. Some examples are: basic print ads, billboards, radio ads, early TV ads, and telemarketing.

During the Digital Age new technologies such as simple mobile phones, first generation computers, and user-friendly printers were emerging. The top marketing trends in the Digital Age included: expanded use of print ads, intro to spam emails and expanded use of TV ads.

The Dotcom Bubble occurred roughly from 1995-2002. This time is centered around the internet, search engines, and mobile device advancements. Some marketing trends during this time included: early search engine optimization developments, the start of blogging and AdWords and PageRank.

The marketing present in today’s society is a combination of previous trends that have been improved upon, such as TV ads and print, with new strategies focused on inbound practices. Some of the most common marketing methods used today are: social media marketing, text message ads, targeted emails, retargeting campaigns and internet video ads.

Although we don’t know what the future holds, given all the technological advancements we’ve seen over the years, on may predict that technology will continue to become increasingly available to the public and advertisements will continue to be a big part of the digital world.