The Most Important Info to Include on Your Website

Jun 6, 2022 | Uncategorized

Are you updating your website or finally getting around to creating one for your business, but not where to start?

There is A LOT of information out there, so we thought we’d simplify it for you. Here are a few tips and ideas we’d like to share with you.

1. Homepage: This is the first page that people will see and is the first impression for your company. The content on this page should be captivating in gaining the attention of your visitors.

2. About Us Page: This page should provide your audience with a clear description of who you are. From the moment a client or customer visits your website, they should not have to do any investigative work to find out who the company is.
3. Services Page/Products Page: Having your services and or products clearly displayed and described on your website will also help with retaining your audiences’ attention. This section plays a part in helping them decide if you are what they are looking for.
4. Contact page: Having a way in which your audience can reach out to you/contact you is very important, without is how will they contact you? Contact pages usually include an address, phone number, email address, an online form.
5. FAQ Page: A frequently asked questions page is helpful to have because people usually have similar questions so this page allows your audience to feel like they know what you are all about and what you can do for them. At the same time, this page is also a great way to potentially save your self time, avoid unnecessary repetition and present yourselves as great communicators.
6. Testimonials: When is the last time you used or looked up a review for a new business or place? Testimonials are a great way to allow your audience to see you in a positive light. With the opinion of a “third-party” your audience might just be more likely to reach out to you and use your services/products.
7. Blog: Blogs might seem to be less common on business websites, but businesses are starting to understand the benefits of blogs and most of it has to do with SEO’s. Our next blog is actually