We Love Marketing: The Story of How Ignite Marketing & Productions Came to Be

Feb 14, 2022 | Uncategorized

Our love for marketing goes way back to our days in radio, but it was some 6 years ago in February 2016, that Ignite Marketing & Productions Ltd. was created. Our goal from the beginning has always been to provide creative, effective, and measurable marketing solutions to those who need it. We aim to develop effective strategies to help connect and educate customers with our clients.

Before joining forces to create Ignite Marketing & Productions Ltd. we, Brandon and Coree-Ann, used to work together at a local radio station, selling airtime. During our time working in the radio industry, we built relationships with local business owners, but quickly learned that only having radio as a marketing solution was not feasible for business owners. This brought up mixed feelings for us as it wasn’t fair to sell airtime to businesses if what they really needed was a website, or perhaps some design work done for a logo or business card. Realizing this had both of us thinking about what we could do to fulfill this need. It was an internal struggle, but the answer was clear.

By putting integrity first, we decided this all could best be solved if we started our own marketing firm. By doing so, we assured ourselves that we would always do what’s best for the clients no matter the solution. This brainchild, worked out over months of planning meetings, is proving its mettle. During this time, we are very fortunate to have been introduced to Dennis Chopko of Killing Herb Inc, as his creed is a cornerstone of their business.

Ignite moved into new offices in June 2016 and then a new, larger office suite in March 2017 which includes its own recording studio for radio ads and jingles. Hence, this is how Ignite Marketing & Productions Ltd. was created some 6 years ago. We can proudly say that we continue to stand by our slogan: Our business is building your business.

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