What Are the Benefits of Web Hosting Services?

Jul 1, 2022 | Uncategorized

Before we dive into the benefits of web hosting services, as a proud Canadian business that is local to Grande Prairie, Alberta we’d like to wish everyone a Happy Canada Day. Have a fun and safe long weekend!
Now, let’s back to the oh so important benefits of web hosing services. There are 5 specific ones that we’d like to highlight.

1. Improved Site Performance

Site performance is very important, especially when there’s only a few seconds to gain your visitor’s attention before they move on and leave. So, if your website takes too long to load, your visitors aren’t going to sick around waiting. In addition, your site performance also effects your search engine rankings, and slow loading speeds can be an influential factor on how your website ranks.

2. Improved Website Security

Website security is something that many owners don’t think about. Even though ensuring your website is completely secure is nearly impossible, it’s still very important to take steps to secure and protect your online assets. Did you know that the foundation of your website’s security starts with your host service provider?

3. Domain-Associated Email Addresses

Using a branded email address that uses your domain name helps make you look professional as opposed to using a Gmail address. For example, if your domain is “ignitemp.com”, then you’ll want an email address that says “cam@ignitemp.com”. When you use web hosting services you’ll have the option to create your own domain-specific email address.

4. Timely and Expert Technical Support

Are you offering products or services through your website? If yes, then you know the significance of timely and effective customer support. Your web hosting provider should be no different. In any instance where you come across issues of any caliber your web hosting provider’s support team will be there to help you fix the issue.

5. High Reliability and Uptime

When you’re trying to find the right hosting company, you’ve probably come across the term uptime. It’s incredibly important. Your site’s uptime is how often your site will actually be online. Most hosts have a clause in the hosting contract that specifies the percentage of time that your site will be online. For most hosting companies this number is 99.9%. That small percentage of time when your site is offline is when things like server repairs, updates, and maintenance are done.

Our Web Hosting Services:


Hosting and maintenance for websites.


Premium Website Hosting, optimized for speed.

What this entails:


SSL security certificate included




Security monitoring


Analytics and tracking


Basic updates and improvements


Software updates and maintenance


Basic Content updates – a picture or a few words here and there.


*We offer a dedicated IP address at an extra cost.

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