Why Colour Theory is Important in Digital Marketing

Jul 18, 2022 | Uncategorized

What is Colour Theory?

Colour theory is the science and psychology of colours. It explains how colours work together, how people perceive and connect with certain colours, and the type of message certain colours express.

Have you ever thought about how colours can influence our actions and behaviours? There are studies out there that suggest that coloured ads can attract 42% more attention than those in black and white and when it comes to business cards, a potential customer may hold on to a coloured business card 10 times longer than a black and white card.

There is a reason for why McDonald’s is red, Starbucks is green, and Facebook is blue. These colours can subtly influence consumers to change their behaviours.

Color Affects Consumer Psychology

Carefully thought-out designs directs the eye, subtly telling it where to look and what to focus on. The use of certain colors can also affect the psychology of an ad or visual content. Using complementary colors can have a powerful effect, while using similar colors may cause a sense of serenity. The mood a social media marketer wants a target audience to feel can largely be produced with the use of certain color designs.

Customers Associate Colors with Feelings

We all have our own reactions to certain colours based on our own experiences, however there are some generalizations that affect a customers’ psychological perception of color. You may have heard of these examples, but just in case you haven’t here they are: blue is often related to trust, green with growth, and gold and sliver can be associated with elegance or sophistication.

So the next time you see a logo or are attracted to a brand’s colours or vibe, step back and reflect on this information. On the flip side, if you’re looking into designing a logo or need some assistance with your brand, we’d love to help!